American Center for Manufacturing & Innovation


At ACMI, we are committed to rebuilding America’s industrial base through targeted investments to rapidly foster emerging businesses.

We provide an array of expert resources to onshore manufacturing and production capabilities which enhance our nation’s supply chains. We establish campuses where businesses share access to advanced manufacturing equipment and technologies.

We develop and manage the underlying properties. And we funnel investment capital to spark and expand innovations, backed by both public and private sources. The net result is increased resilience, more rapid advancement, and higher probability of success for the capital-intensive emerging companies.


At ACMI, we have a team of seasoned professionals dedicated to rebuilding the American industrial base. Our team brings a wealth of experience in advanced manufacturing, property management, and capital investment, giving them the tools to respond to government and industry demands quickly and efficiently, to strengthen supply chains and national security.

Founder and CEO

20+ years of Financial Services experience

  • Founder of ACMI Group and
    ACMI Properties
  • Developed DoD technology and
    on-shoring programs
  • Banking and capital markets

Munitions Ecosystem

35+ years of experience with Army/DoD

  • Research Integration Officer, Army Research Lab (ret) – Coop Agreement Manager for university partnerships
  • Workforce training and development expertise

Managing Director-Munitions

20+ years of experience with Army/DoD

  • Managed $400M Annual Budget
  • Directed 50+ R&D and Production Programs
  • Extensive Experience in DoD Acquisition and total product life-cycle

Director of Operations

20+ years experience in Banking

  • Experience in driving key business initiatives across functional lines and constituent sets
  • Specialist in managing complex/time sensitive projects

Managing Director

20+ years of global business experience

  • Entrepreneur, Corporate lawyer
  • COO of AI-technology company for food and ag industry
  • Early-stage technology investor and private equity advisor

Corporate Counsel

10+ years of Legal Practice experience

  • Experience with M&A, debt & equity finance, capital markets and private funds
  • Counsel across broad spectrum of industries and business life cycles (from mature to early-stage startups)

Head of Development

15+ years in Real Estate Development
and Investments

  • Managed $1B of real estate developments
  • 3.5M SF of asset management experience (industrial, office, retail)
  • Experience at Fortune 100, public REIT and early-stage startups

Senior Advisor, Strategy and Growth

25+ years in Aerospace, Defense and
Civil Engineering

  • Collaborative, team-building leadership and focus for mission areas (650+ FTE), driving execution (8-150 FTE) and functional organizations (700-1,300 FTE)
  • Expertise in solving complex problems spanning multiple product areas

Senior Advisor, Strategy

20+ Years of R&D, Commercialization, and Analysis in Emerging Technologies

  • Co-director of LEAP Manufacturing, a leader in innovation ecosystems 
  • Former first National Intelligence Officer for Technology, National Intelligence Council, Office of Director of National Intelligence

Director of Contracts & Supply Chain

20+ years of DoD experience

  • Extensive experience with acquisition strategy and proposal development 
  • Mission focused execution

  • Focus on building high performance team to deliver results

Advisory Board for Critical Chemicals

Chief Architect,
Munitions, ACMI Federal

35+ years of expertise in Energetic Materials and Advanced Programs

  • Leading national expert in Energetic Materials and Propulsion Systems
  • Conceptual architect for ACMI’s energetic material facilities on campuses
  • R&D leader in the Defense sector, including for NGC and predecessor organizations, Thiokol Corporation

Energetics Technology Center

10+ years of Defense Contractor experience

  • Background in Electrical engineering
  • Prior to ETC, work focused on designing and building sensing platforms that utilized an array of acoustic and spectral sensors for undersea ground-based, and airborne applications

Professor of Chemical Engineering, Purdue University

25+ years in Academia, Chemical Engineering and Defense

  • Serves as Director of the Purdue Energetics Research Center (PERC)
  • PERC is the largest academic energetics research center in the U.S. 
  • PERC is a comprehensive research center, performing experimental, theoretical, and computational work

Professor of Chemistry,
University of South Carolina ​

35+ years experience with Army/DoD

  • Deputy Army Chief Scientist
  • Army Senior Research Scientist
    for Chemistry
  • NATO S&T Board

Executive Director,
National Armaments Consortium

35+ years of Defense and Aerospace experience

  • Founding member of National Armaments Consortium (NAC)
  • Experience from engineering and operations to high-level advisory
    panels at DoD and DoE

Executive Director of Research and Translation, Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering

25+ years in Defense Contracting
and Academia

  • Executive Director of the Energetics Research Group at the John Hopkins School of Engineering
  • Program Director of the Joint Army Navy NASA Air Force (JANNAF) Technical Support Program
  • DoD-NASA joint service technical projects in energetics R&D

Advisory Board for Munitions Technology

Strategy Director, HP Inc

35+ years of technology development experience.
15+ years of Additive Manufacturing experience

  • Co-founder and co-inventor of HP’s 3D Print Business and Multi Jet Fusion Technology
  • Expert in cascading, agile and hybrid product lifecycle efficiencies 
  • Expert in distinct value propositions of Additive Manufacturing processes 

Brigadier General (Ret)

30+ years of Military and
Strategic Leadership experience

  • Serves as Vice President of Strategic Engagement for the National Armaments Consortium (NAC), focusing on strategic activities and stakeholder engagement
  • Commanding General for Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey

Additive Manufacturing Researcher at OMIC R&D

10+ years experience with Air Force and Additive Manufacturing

  • Explosive Ordnance expert
  • Advancing additive manufacturing technologies with applied research to advanced manufacturing

Senior Vice President Applied Technology, EOS North America

20+ years in high-end R&D with specialization in materials science

  • Co-founded Complex Materials
  • Holds ME and Ph.D. in Materials Science
  • Advisory board roles at JuntoHealth, ASTM AM Center of Excellence and UCAH

Director, CBR Defense Division (R2), NAVSEA, Indian Head Division

10+ years of Military Biosecurity
Leadership Experience

  • Future Capability Program Scientist at the Office of Naval Research
  • Decorated Naval Surface Officer, USS NITZE (DDG-94)
  • Ph.D. in Biomedical Science, Old Dominion University; BS, Norwich University

Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

25 years + in National security industry to include work at the Pentagon and the White House

  • Former Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategy
  • National Security Policy Thought Leader
  • Defense Industrial Base Policy Expert